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Sveučilišta u Zagrebu

Poziv na predavanje o akademskoj pismenosti i pisanju diplomskih/magistarskih radova

Pozivaju se svi zainteresirani na predavanje doc. dr. Mire Bekar sa Sveučilišta Ćirila i Metoda u Skopju, koja će u sklopu COST sastanka IS 1401 na poziv Odsjeka za južnoslavenske jezike i književnosti održati predavanje o akademskoj pismenosti s posebnim naglaskom na pisanju diplomskih/magistarskih radova. Predavanje će se održati u srijedu, 29. ožujka 2017. u 15.30 sati u predavaonici A306. Detalji pod opširnije.



Abstract: The education system and adjusting to institutional requirements when producing a thesis may be a burden since students from regions such as former Yugoslavia try to adjust mainly to the well-established European or US standards of writing a thesis in order to reach the globally accepted standards. This implies that to be a good academic writer means to utilize the L1 language but understand the nature of the thesis a genre.  Showing the sense of belonging to a specific scholarly community of practice matters as well. In this lecture I will focus on establishing a research theory, occupying the niche, deciding on the methods which best fit one’s chosen topic, useful phrases for writing the discussion and conclusions sections, choosing between relevant and irrelevant sources, the possible structures of presenting and developing your argumentation while avoiding logical fallacies, as well as the ways of reporting on the major findings. We will look at exact structure of a thesis written in the US and discuss the advantages and sections for possible improvement while connecting it to the local context. Students will have the chance to present their ongoing projects related to their theses.

Mira Beќar is Assistant Professor of Applied Linguistics at the Blaze Koneski Faculty of Philology, Ss. Cyril and Methodius University, Macedonia. She obtained her PhD at Purdue University, USA and has been teaching English and writing to Macedonian and international students for 14 years.  Her mentoring mainly involves guiding students to design and write BA theses. Her research interests include the practice and teaching of writing understood in a socio-cultural context. Specifically, she investigates interaction, online written communication and genres conceptualizing language as social action. She has published both in English and Macedonian.