Filozofski fakultet

Sveučilišta u Zagrebu

Mission and vision

The mission of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences is to promote university education based on research in all fields of humanities and social sciences, to encourage research work, cutting-edge research and publish the results of those studies. In addition, the mission of our Faculty is to promote cultural heritage, to strengthen international cooperation and to participate in the construction of the European education and research area. The Faculty, as the founder and one of the oldest constituents of the University of Zagreb, which is the largest, oldest and finest Croatian university generating the largest number of professionals that raise and educate future Croatian generations, has a special responsibility for the development of Croatia in general, and, as an institution with many international connections and partners, should promote Croatia’s reputation, and, with Croatia’s accession to the EU, represent a centre of excellence for the neighbouring countries and the whole of Europe. The Faculty, as a cultural and educational institution, promotes ethical, moral, tolerant and cooperative society. The Faculty is a centre of knowledge and skills in humanities and social sciences and represents an educational focal point for experts that are the foundation of Croatia’s academic and cultural life.

The vision of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences is to become an outstanding international higher education and research institution in the field of humanities and social sciences by educating future leaders of scientific, educational, cultural and overall development of the society in Croatia and this part of Europe through teaching based on research of exceptional quality, by encouraging creativity and critical thinking, while promoting and actively participating in the preservation of Croatian identity. The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences follows the comprehensive integration into ERA (European Research Area) and aspires to fully comply with good practices of the EHEA (European Higher Education Area) by promoting the highest standards of quality in research and higher education system. In addition, the Faculty will create new and innovative life-long learning standards thus presenting the opportunities for the overall society to acquire specific competencies aligned with the current needs. The Faculty intends to preserve the high quality of teaching and scientific work by extensive teaching-knowledge from outstanding Croatian scientists and teachers of the Faculty to their younger colleagues. By raising international visibility of the achievements of scientists and teachers of the Faculty, its’ international recognition will inevitably increase, which could result in diversification of the financial sources for research work.