Department for
German Language and Literature
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences University of Zagreb
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Programme: German Language and Literature (Undergraduate) Print

The Bachelor's Programme in German Studies provides a broad and solid education in the field and enables students to develop a very high level of linguistic and communicative competence in spoken and written German. The programme focuses on students' acquisition and development of fundamental knowledge and competencies, as well as on providing them with an overview of the field. In the bachelor's programme, developing applied and practical competencies is equally important as imparting scholarly and theoretical knowledge. In addition to the basic competencies, the programme also develops a number of methodical and practical skills for solving communicational, linguistic, literary, textual, and general cultural problems. The objectives of the programme are: the development of logical, abstract and analytical thinking; understanding  linguistic phenomena in their systematic, media, sociological, psychological, and historical contexts; textual competence in terms of various purposes and addressees; analyzing and interpreting literary texts; the ability to extend and increase individual competencies in German Studies and other scholarly fields. Bachelor's degree graduates in German Studies have the knowledge and competencies which enable them to contunue their education in the graduate programme in German Studies or to be flexibly intergrated in various areas of the labour market such as publishing and book-selling, the media, public administration, public and private cultural institutions, advertising and marketing, public relations, and free-lance professions like writers or journalists.