Department for
German Language and Literature
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences University of Zagreb
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Programme: GL&L - Emphasis on Cultural Studies (Graduate) Print

Based on the knowledge and skills obtained during the Bachelor's Programme in German Studies, the Graduate Programme in Intercultural German Studies has been designed with the aim to enable students to increase and extend their basic knowledge of the field, as well as to qualify them for jobs which require the application of scholarly concepts and methods. In addition to the core research areas of general German Studies such as linguistics and literature, the programme pays special attention to various aspects of interculturality and multimediality. Interculturality – conceived primarily as theoretical, empirical and comparative dealing with the German language, literature and culture-related issues – focuses primarily on various linguistic, literary and cultural contacts between German-speaking countries and Croatia. Based on the insight that contemporary culture is multi-media oriented, the other focus of the graduate programme is multimediality with respect to the theatre, film and literature, as well as other aspects of the modern media. The programme graduates will have a deeper understanding of linguistics, literary, culture and media studies and obtain skills needed for individual dealing with various scholarly issues in these fields of research.