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10th ASIS SIG/CR 99
    Classification Research Workshop
    An Interdisciplinary Meeting

Fourth International Conference:
    Information Technology and Journalism - "Education for new journalism"

    Dubrovnik, Inter University Center, May, 26-29, 1999

    Conference directors:

    Nenad Prelog
    University of Zagreb (Faculty of Organization and Information Science)

    Robert M. Hayes,
University of California Los Angeles (Graduate School of Education and Information Studies)

    Pavao Novosel,

    University of Zagreb (Faculty of Political Science, School of Journalism)

    Sherry Ricchiardi
    Indiana University Indianapolis (School of Journalism) (promotional leaflet)

California Digital Library

Digital Libraries '99


Collaboratory for Digital Libraries in Education

Second European Conference on Research and Advanced Technology for Digital Libraries

Digital Libraries Initiative - Phase II

DigLib Magazine

Information server for ACM SIGIR




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