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Dubrovnik, Croatia is among the unique cities in the world, recognized as one of the World Cultural Heritage sites by UNESCO. It is a walled city, preserved as it existed in medieval times. It was a city-state of sea-faring citizens, diplomats and merchants, at the crossroads of several medieval empires. A beautiful natural location on the Adriatic Sea, a lavish architecture of squares, palaces, and churches, small, intriguing hill-hugging streets, pedestrian-only traffic within the walls, outings to the enchanting near-by islands - all these and more combine to make Dubrovnik one of the most popular destinations in Europe.

The end of May, when the conference will be held, is just before the beginning of the tourist season, with ample opportunities for enjoying swimming in the truly blue sea, sunbathing, and unhurried and uncrowded sight seeing. This is also a paradise for camera buffs. Special post-conference excursions will be offered.

Dubrovnik can be reached by air from Zagreb, Croatia and a number of European cities, by road following a most picturesque Adriatic highway, and by ferry from Rijeka, Croatia, and Bari, Italy. Dubrovnik airport is about 20 kilometers from the city.

The main hotels, with special conference rates for participants, will be Excelsior Hotel (category A, on the sea and overlooking the city), and Hotel Lero (category B, across from a beach). The conference hotels are a short walking distance from the walled city and from the conference site.

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