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Dear students,

Warm greetings from the University of Zagreb (UNIZG). We are glad to see that you have chosen the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences  (FFZG) for your exchange and that your home university has sent your nomination for exchange.

 1) You must apply online on UNIZG’S website. The application for the 1st / winter semester is now opened.

 The documents you need to enclose to your application form are:

  1. Curriculum Vitae
  2. The Learning Agreement* (signed by yourself and your Home University)
  3. Grade Transcript
  4. Nomination letter
  5. Certificate of Enrolment
  6. Copy of the ID card (both sides) / Passport (first page with the photo and personal data)
  7. Proof of English knowledge if you are following courses in English – B2 level

PLEASE NOTE: Department of English Language requires minimum B2 for BA (undergraduate)  level and minimum C1 for MA (graduate) level.


All the documents need to be in English!

The application deadline for the 1st / winter semester is the 10thof May 2018.


2) UNIZG will send to us (FFZG) your COMPLETE application. Only complete applications will be taken under the consideration.

Students can apply only for the subject area /field of study arranged by the bilateral Erasmus+ agreement.

IMPORTANT: Department of English language and Literature will evaluate and accept only students who are studying English language at their home university and have high English language proficiency: for BA level (undergraduate) minimum B2 and for MA level (graduate) minimum C1.


*LEARNING AGREEMENT has to be arranged with the departmental ECTS coordinator(s) at the FFZG BEFORE sending the application. Learning agreement can be signed by FFZG AFTER the evaluation process.

List of departmental ECTS coordinators is available here: departmental ECTS coordinators


Please use the following Learning agreement forms for:

Erasmus+ mobility for studies  Learning agreement Erasmus+ SMS 2018-2019

HOW TO FILL IT OUT: Learning agreement Erasmus+ SMS 2018-19 - instructions

Learning agreement form for bilateral exchange, Ceepus etc.  Learning Agreement- GENERAL 2018-19


If you need to use the Learning agreement from your Home University, please make sure that the contact and responsible person’s names and contacts are as follows:

Receiving Institution: University of Zagreb, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Erasmus code:    HR ZAGREB01

Address:  Ivana Lučića 3, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia

Contact person:   Ivana Bedeković, Student mobility coordinator

email: ibedekov@ffzg.hr      erasmus-studenti@ffzg.hr     phone: +3851 4092 138

Responsible person:  prof. Dragan Bagić, Ph.D., Vice-dean /Institutional ECTS coordinator

email:  mobilnost-ff@ffzg.hr / dbagic@ffzg.hr


For all administrative issues please contact (Ms) Ivana Bedeković, student mobility coordinator at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences: email: ibedekov@ffzg.hr  


Academic Calendar for 2018/2019 will be available soon. For planning the mobility period, you are free to use this one as an orientation.



Undergraduate (BA) and graduate (MA) study programmes:


Winter semester enrolment: 25th September 2017 – 13th October 2017 (3 weeks)

Classes: 2nd October 2017 – 26th January 2018

The first part of the semester: 2nd October 2017 – 22nd December 2017

The second part of the semester: 8th January 2018 – 26th January 2018

Winter semester exams: 29th January 2018 – 23rd February 2018 (4 weeks)


Summer semester enrolment: 26th February – 9th March 2018 (2 weeks)

Classes: 26th February 2018 – 8th June 2018

Summer semester exams: 11th June 2018 – 13th July 2018 (5 weeks)

Autumn exam period: 27th August 2018 – 28th September 2018 (5 weeks)


Open Online Course “Croatian language – A1.HR”


Open Online Course “Croatian language – A1.HR” is available from 15th of December 2017 till 30th of September 2018.

The e-course is free and consists of 80 units, 45 minutes each. Interface, instructions, and support are available in English and Spanish. E-course registration is possible by using a Facebook or Google account.

The e-course is available at: https://a1.ffzg.unizg.hr/