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Nimira Rabljanin, Martin (floruit 1494) [1492], Epigramma ad lectorem Politicon Aristotelis, versio electronica (), 6 versus, verborum 69, Ed. Neven Jovanović [genre: poesis - epigramma] [word count] [nimiramepigr].

Nimira Rabljanin, Martin (floruit 1494) [1492], Epistula Ludovico Valentiae Ferrariensi (1492), versio electronica (), verborum 988, Ed. Neven Jovanović [genre: prosa oratio - epistula] [word count] [nimiramepist].

Nimira Rabljanin, Martin (floruit 1494) [1494], Sermo de passione Domini, versio electronica (), Verborum 7331, Ed. Neven Jovanović [genre: prosa oratio - sermo] [word count] [nimiramsermo].

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