Luka Ostojić (en)

Luka Ostojić, project assistant


He completed his undergraduate and graduate studies in sociology and comparative literature at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb. Worked as a journalist, media and literary editor, film and literary critic, cultural program manager and pedagogue. Was the editor-in-chief of the literature portal and the executive editor of the bi-weekly culture journal Zarez. Authored a book of critical fiction Help, we read a book! Clinical Glossary of Critical Reading (Kulturtreger and Kurziv, 2018). He is currently a student in the PhD programme on literary theory, theatrology and dramatology, filmology, musicology and cultural studies. He is a research group member on the project „Remembering Literature in Everyday Life” implemented at the Department of Comparative Literature and financed by the Croatian Science Foundation. His work focuses on the impact of school required reading on readers in Croatia.