South-East Europe Textbook Network

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Aims of the Network

In the framework of the Stability Pact the Georg Eckert Institute for International Textbook Research developed a project aiming at the "Coordination of Textbook Research, Development and Textbook Comparison in South-East Europe". The establishment of a virtual South-East Europe Textbook Network, which started in February 2001, is an integral part of this project. The Network is bound to a regional partner, the Philosophical Faculty of Zagreb University / Croatia.

Aims of the South-East Europe Textbook Network
One of the main aims of this Network is the development of institutionalised, durable possibilities for research and cooperation within and with the region. Up-to-date information on initiatives and results of the textbook situation from different countries as well as from the whole region make the Network a focus point of textbook research in South-East Europe.

Along these lines the Network carries out several tasks:

1. Database
The Network serves as a database for teaching materials, scientific literature on textbook research and relevant documents on education policy. It will be centred primarily around the subjects history, geography and civics education, but will be open to stimulating impulses from the research on subjects such as literature / language, music or art education.
In the short run it will be possible to obtain via the Network a clearly arranged view on the Curricula of secondary schools for the above-named subjects.
As a medium term perspective the database will also include a list of textbooks, which

  • are available at the library of the Georg Eckert Institute or at the library of any of the linked institutions and / or
  • represent new teaching materials developed in South-East European countries.
    This list will include brief bibliographical references with information about the location of the textbooks.
    Scientific literature on textbook research as well as relevant documents from educational policies on the development of textbook reform in South-East European countries will complete this database.
    The combined presentation of scientific, political and teaching materials within the Network enables efficient information, coordination and (trans)regional networking of textbook authors, scientists and actors of education policy in the region.
    The documents are presented in the respective countries' official language(s) or in English.

    2. Information on Projects
    It will be possible to obtain through the Network qualified information on ongoing projects and initiatives on textbook research and development in South-East Europe.
    To ensure this, the Network will provide information which is classified by subjects and states / regions as well. The users of the Network do not only have the possibility to read data, but also be able to announce their projects and initiatives at this website.

    3. Networking and Coordination
    The Network will include a database with links to institutions and organisations which are active within the international and regional framework of textbook research. The database is periodically enlarged and updated.