Workshop „Minorities in the Educational Systems in South Eastern Europe“

25-29 May, 2002, Braunschweig/Germany



Overall Guidelines for the

Analysis of the Textbooks and Curricula



Minorities in the Educational System

-          What connection is there between the political status of the minority group(s) (autonomy, recognition, linguistic cultural, religious rights etc.) and their status in the educational system?

-          Has the political status of the minority group(s) changed in the recent years, and how?

-          Has the position of minorities in the curricula changed in the recent years? If yes, in which ways has it changed, and what caused the change?

-          Are there different curricula for the majority and minority group(s)?

-          Are there different textbooks for the majority and minority group(s)?

-          Are there special annexes for the teaching materials used by minority groups?

-          Are there any special teaching materials for the teaching about minorities?

-          In which subjects the topic „minorities“ is dealt with?



Curricula and Textbooks

-          Does the curriculum require to teach about minorities?

-          Are textbook authors free to deal with that topic?

-          In which epochs / in which contexts curricula and / or textbooks deal with minorities?

-          Is the term „minority“ used in the materials?

-          Is the term „minority“ discussed / explained in the materials?

-          Are different meanings of the term „minority“ covered? (religious, national, linguistic...)

-          Do the materials offer possibilities for discussing the distinctness of differerent nations / religions / cultures and their interaction with each other?

-          Are examples / models of interaction processes of minority and majority groups described / discussed in the materials?

-          Which examples are chosen, which message do they deliver?

-          For those countries, which have separated curricula and textbooks for the minorities: On which territory („motherland“ of the minority group / state where the minority group lives today) is the focus on in the materials?

-          Is the topic of minorities a controversial /sensitive one? Why?

-          Do the materials deal with minorities in other countries?