Project for the Co-ordination of Textbook Research, Development and Textbook Comparison in South Eastern Europe

Projekt zur Koordination der Schulbuchforschung,  -entwicklung und des Schulbuchvergleichs in Südosteuropa











Scholarship Programme for the Development of Teaching Materials and Curricula in History as a School Subject in Serbia, Montenegro, and Kosovo

As part of the Stability Pact for South-Eastern Europe, the Georg-Eckert-Institute for International Textbook Research wishes to accompany and support the ongoing process of revision of educational materials in both the short and longer term in Serbia, Montenegro, and Kosovo.


To this end, the Georg-Eckert-Institute has established a scholarship programme which is concentrating on the development and implementation of new textbooks and teaching materials in Serbia, Montenegro, and Kosovo.


Especially in the field of history textbooks a critical problem lies in the fact that history writing in the recent past has often been used to historically legitimise the nationalist policies of the political elites. The development and revision of teaching materials and curricula in history is a crucial part of the educational reforms aiming at implementing and reinforcing processes of democratization and transformation not only after the end of the nationalist regimes, but also with regard to the legacies of the socialist era. Mostly, the textbooks have not yet been revised, but presently also the state agencies responsible for education acknowledge the need to do so.


In co-operation with historians and educationalists from Serbia, Montenegro, and Kosovo, the Georg-Eckert-Institute intends to assist

° in the development of new materials for history teaching;

° in the processing of suggestions and materials for revised curricula and textbooks;

° in the preparation of textbooks and teaching materials which should meet international standards on a scientific and didactic level.

The scholarship programme addresses potential textbook authors and curriculum planners from
Serbia, Montenegro, and Kosovo. The programme intends to enable (new) textbook authors to get acquainted with new approaches in the field of didactics and history over a longer period of time, and consequently, on the basis of the gathered insights, develop new teaching materials for history teaching. The holders of the scholarship will both be supported in their work by the Georg-Eckert-Institute and conduct individual research.


The scholarship programme will give authors of new history textbooks and teaching materials the opportunity to use the Georg Eckert Institute’s resources and to gain an overview of current developments in the didactics of their field as well as to examine textbooks from other European countries.


Experts from Serbia, Montenegro, and Kosovo will be offered the opportunity to spend one month in Braunschweig. During this time they will be intensively supported by a member of the Institute’s staff who is well versed in the history of South-Eastern Europe. During their stay in Braunschweig, holders of the scholarship will receive a grant of 1000 Euro. Travel expenses up to EUR 250 will be reimbursed.


In addition to this, the scholarship programme includes the possibility to receive further support for up to four months in the home countries, in order to provide the possibility to complete the compilation of the new textbook or teaching materials.

The aim of this co-operative endeavour is to elaborate new textbook materials. The new teaching materials will be presented in a workshop and analysed by experts in the field of international textbook research. Further steps for the implementation of the new materials in the schools will be addressed in this workshop in co-operation with the responsible authorities (approval committees, Ministries of Education).



How To Apply

Applications for the scholarship programme can be submitted as of now (September 2001). Applicants should have a degree in history and/or the didactics of history. A working knowledge of English or German is desirable. Applications should include a curriculum vitae, a list of publications (if applicable) and a project description, i. e. a description of the teaching materials that are intended to be developed and produced with the assistance of the scholarship programme.

Please send your application in written form (by  post, e-mail or fax) to:


Dr. Sabine Rutar


für internationale Schulbuchforschung

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