Pavao Pavličić (en)

Pavao Pavličić, PhD, full professor (Section for Comparative History of Croatian Literature)
office: B-215 ; tel. 4092-235, house 2235

Pavao Pavličić was born in 1946 in Vukovar. From 1965 to 1969 he studied Comparative Literature and Italian in Zagreb. In 1970 he became an assistant at the at the Department of Comparative Literature, at the Section for the Comparative history of Croatian Literature. He received his PhD in 1974 with the topic of Sesta Rima in Croatian Literature. In 1975 he became lecturer, in 1980 assistant professor, and in 1985 full professor. He lectures on the comparative history of Croatian literature, literary theory and poetry metrics. He participated in scholar conferences in Italy, Germany, France and Hungary.

Areas of research
In the area of literary history his main preoccupations are Baroque and Mannerist poetics; in the area of studying verse, it is verse semantics. He has published a number of interpretations covering poems from a wide range of Croatian literary history.

Recent interest
Comparative description of Croatian lyric poetry

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