Andrea Zlatar Violić (en)

Andrea Zlatar Violić, PhD, full professor (Section for History of World Literature)
office hours: Thursday 15.00 to 16.00 (online)
e-mail: ; tel. 4092-200, house 2200

She was born on 13 April 1961 in Zagreb, where she completed her elementary and high school education (classical gymnasium). She studied Comparative Literature, Philosophy and Classical Philology at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb. She had been awarded the Rector's Prize and went abroad several times on professional scholarships. She received her M.A. in Literature in 1988 (Marulić's „Davidias“), and her 1992 PhD topic was Models of Medieval Autobiography: Confession and Biography). She has been working at the Department of Comparative Literature at the Faculty of Philosophy since 1986, now as a full professor involved in lecturing and researching (projects on contemporary Croatian literature in European context), and is a frequent lecturer at conferences on literary history and theory.

Along with her lectures and research, Andrea Zlatar Violić has been involved in editorial and media work since the 1980's at Omladinski radio, Studentski list, Gordogan, Vijenac, Zarez. She also published essays (Veliko spremanje. Dnevnik učene domaćice, 1995).

Selected bibliography (see also the webpage at Croatian Scientific Bibliography):


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Internationally published peer-reviewed works:

Formen autobiographischen Erzahlens in der zeitgenossischen Kroatischen Literatur” (mit besonderer Berucksichtigung der Prosa von Irena Vrkljan und Slavenka Drakulic), in: Diskurs der Schwelle, Peter Lang, 1996.

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International conferences (1998-2001):

Culture and Conflict, Dubrovnik (2001)

Europe: New Visions, New Divisions (Vienna - Bratislava, 2000)

My Private Europe (Belgrade, 2000)

Contemporary British Literature (Cambridge, 2000)

Borders and Margins (Klagenfurt, 2000)

History and Fiction (Paris, 1998)