David Šporer (en)

David Šporer, PhD, assistant professor (Section for History of World Literature)
Office hours: Wednesday 9.00-10.00 (B-214)


E-mail: david.sporer@ffzg.hr; tel. 4092-114 (house 2114)

David Šporer (born 1973 in Rijeka) graduated at the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities in Zagreb in 1997, attained his M.A. in 2003, and his PhD in 2006. He worked as an editor at the Zarez magazine. He co-edited a literary handbook called Lektira na dlanu: I i II (2000/2002). In 2005 he wrote the book Novi historizam: poetika kulture i ideologija drame (New Historicism: Culture Poetics and Drama Ideology). In 2007 he edited a collection of texts called Poetika renesansne kulture: novi historizam (Poetics of Renaissance Culture: New Historicism).


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