Loca terrarum in CroALa

Operis ratio. Scire volumus quid auctores Croatici de locis terrarum (novis et veteribus) senserint.

Procedendum est hoc modo (Anglice):

  1. prepare a list of Latin place names. Ancient ones can be extracted from Pleiades Project data dumps.
  2. compare the list to the list of words in CroALa to find overlaps (tricky: think about cases, crazy orthography; e. g. a list for querying CroALa looks like this)
  3. get the data: which places are mentioned, which are not (tricky: are there any significant omissions?)
  4. analyze the data: which places are mentioned more often, which rarely?
  5. analyze the data: how are the places mentioned? What are they used for? Who uses placenames in interesting ways?
  6. can we propose a typology?
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