The easiest way to deploy BaseX

To deploy BaseX XML database it is easiest to use the .zip BaseX package.

  1. Download the .zip archive somewhere
  2. Unpack it, go to the directory basex which is root of unpacked archive
  3. Start the basexhttp script from the basex/bin directory
  4. If all goes well, you'll see a message like this:
BaseX 7.7.2 [Server]
Server was started (port: 1984)
HTTP Server was started (port: 8984)

This means that both a database server and a Jetty HTTP server instance have been started successfully at respective ports, which you can call from the browser.

Now, to reach BaseX from the browser, after you have successfully run the basexhttp script, go to the following addresses:

The contents of the page you see at http://localhost:8984 can be changed in the restxq.xqm file, which you'll find in your basex/webapp directory. Add there other .xq and .xqm files (containing XQueries you want to use).

The REST interface at http://localhost:8984/rest can be called from your cgi scripts, e. g. those in your cgi-bin directory (outside basex installation).

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