Croatica et Tyrolensia: bibliography analysis

Experimental searches in the croalabib database – what do we learn about Croatian Latin textual practices?

How many books?

A dynamically created table croalabib-ql shows numbers of books (with texts by Croatian Latin authors) published for each century 1450-1850. The table also lists books for which the @period is not yet been entered, and the sum total of all books recorded in the croalabib DB.

We have to record @period for about a third of records in the database (1500 out of 5868).

Prose or poetry?

Publish, perish, etc.

A list of authors with number of books they published (as main authors) is here:


The list is sortable – click on headers to see maximum and minimum values, or to order authors alphabetically.

This list is also a work in progress (it lists some Greek authors, for example).

Cities of publication

The following page lists (most of) places where books with texts by Croatian Latin authors were published. Links lead to reports on number of books published in each city.

ID numbers were taken from the GeoNames database.

This is a prototype: not all cities are listed, not all publications have places marked up.

What was done

  • Each bibliographic record has a <pubPlace> element; most of them contain text, either directly or inside an <add> element (place of publication was not stated on the title page, but it was identified by the bibliographer)
  • text from <pubPlace> elements – names in Latin, in various funny forms – was sent as a query to CERL Thesaurus, which lists many Latin and other phrases identifying places of publication
  • results from queries were parsed to isolate a “canonical” form of names
  • these forms were sent to the GeoNames database (CERL do not provide easy access to GeoNames ID's, though you can see a GeoNames ID on a CERL result page)
  • retrieved geonames ID's were added as @ref attributes to our <pubPlace> elements (with an XSL stylesheet)
  • the enriched file was queried (with an XQuery script)
  • a list retrieved from GeoNames was used to query the bibliography file wholesale
  • the XQuery produced a HTML page
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