Croatica et Tyrolensia: text encoding guidelines

Preparing text for XML

In word processor (e. g. Libre Office, Word):

  1. learn the structure of the text
  2. use predefined styles for titles (Heading 1, Heading 2 etc)
  3. mark page breaks: [pb]
  4. avoid automatic numbering etc.

Converting from a word processor format to TEI XML

In oXygen:

  1. open the prepared .odt file (it will be imported as an archive and opened in the left-hand pane)
  2. in the left-hand pane, select content.xml file icon and name, double-click on it
  3. click “Continue” on any warnings that will appear
  4. select a Transformation scenario for the file that will open: either click on the wrench icon near the red triangle on the tool bar, or select Document / Transformation / Configure Transformation Scenario(s) from the menu bar
  5. in the Scenario list, select the ODT TEI P5 predefined scenario (it is on top of the list)
  6. select the Apply Associated button

Preparing the TEI Header

  1. fileDesc element contains the xml:id attribute containing last name of author, first letter of the first name, and name of the work, separated by hyphens: rogacic-b-euthym; this will be, at the same time, the name of XML file
  2. title element contains name of the work, in Latin, with versio electronica added
  3. author has the key attribute with author's unique ID (if there are several authors, each gets a separate author element
  4. inside the author element is a name element listing (in xml:lang) the language in which the name is given (in the form Lastname, Firstname)
  5. the author element also contains a date, with author's years of birth, death, or floruit
  6. editor field lists the editor
  7. respStmt fields list the editor of the digital version and all transcribers (resp describes the responsibility, name contains Firstname Lastname); if necessary, persons can have the xml:id to be referred to when any changes to the text are noted (corrections, sic etc)
  8. in the editionStmt field we note what was the basis for the electronic edition
  9. the publicationStmt

Editing XML

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