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* 2007

This year the volunteer camp in the Janković Castle will be organised during the period 1st-10th July 2007.
The conditions will be the same as the last year except that the camping area will be set out in the castle complex.
French and Belgian volunteers are already involved, as last year, as well as young Croatian people.
The camp activities will be coordinated as same as last year by Prof. Drago Roksandić, Marijeta Rajković, Nataša Štefanec and Tea Mayhew. All activities will be carried out in accordance with the Desnica family and their participation as well as in accordance with the instructions of the Institute for Monument Preservation from Zadar.

The volunteers will work on clearing and removing the old building material from the ruined parts of the castle, cutting the overgrown vegetation around the buildings of the castle and in the garden, preparing stones and old building material for reuse in the reconstruction of the castle building. The work is physically demanding but it does not need any previous experience. Everyday the work starts at 7.30am until 12.30pm. Volunteers are free to work at their own pace and they are free to take short breaks whenever they need it during the work.
The work will be organised in accordance with the Institute for the Monument Preservation from Zadar, who is in charge of the refurbishment of the castle complex and they will have an experienced builder with them. During the working hours an experienced building supervisor who is working on the building and representatives of the project will be present.

Leisure activities
This year, 2 days in the 10 days camp will be completely dedicated to visits in the region. One day we will organise the visit to the city of Zadar and another day to the town of Nin or Biograd and their areas. Every afternoon the volunteers will be taken to the beach and sometimes they will be taken sightseeing in the vicinity of the castle. Presentations of other activities of the Mostovi (Bridges) project will be also organised.

Accommodation and meals
A camping area will be set out in the castle complex. Volunteers must bring their own tents and sleeping bags. The breakfast will be supplied to the campsite everyday. Lunch and evening meals will be taken in a local restaurant.

The supports
The expenses of the organisation of the camp were mostly covered by the sources of the Ministry of Culture. The volunteer’s fee is €10 per day which will cover the expenses for the food.


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