Practical problems with Atheneus' names

Names which are not really names

  • Placeholders for names such as “alpha” and “beta”
  • Nicknames which are part of a person's name, interspersed with articles:

<name type=“person”>Ἀρτεμίδωρος</name> ὁ <name type=“noclass”>Ψευδαριστοφάνειος</name> παρίστατο <name type=“person”>Παλλὰς</name> <name type=“noclass”>Ἀθήνη</name>

  • Name + ethnic + name of work:

τοῦ <name type=“person”>Φιλοξένου</name> δὲ τοῦ <name type=“ethnic”>Λευκαδίου</name> <name type=“noclass”>Δείπνου</name>

  • Referring to a person by a description + name combination:

A search for κωμῳδιο- done in whole document

ὁ κωμῳδιοποιὸς <name type=“person”>Εὔπολίς</name>

<name type=“person”>Πολυκράτην</name> τε τὸν <name type=“ethnic”>Σάμιον</name> καὶ <name type=“person”>Πεισίστρατον</name> τὸν <name type=“ethnic”>Ἀθηναίων</name> τυραννήσαντα

κατὰ γὰρ τὸν κωμῳδιοποιὸν <name type=“person”>Ἀπολλόδωρον:</name>: εἰς οἰκίαν ὅταν τις εἰσίῃ φίλου (NB an unmarked quotation)

τὸ ὕδωρ ποταμοῦ σῶμά φησί που <name type=“person”>Εὔβουλος</name> ὁ </quote> κωμῳδιοποιὸς εἰρηκέναι <name type=“person”>Χαιρήμονα</name> τὸν τραγικὸν (NB incorrect markup)

<p> <quote> <quote rend=“blockquote”> <lb/> <name type=“person”>Ἐπικράτης</name> ὁ κωμῳδιοποιός: <milestone unit=“casaubonpage” xml:id=“casaubonpage-59d” n=“59d”/> <lb/>τί <name type=“person”>Πλάτων</name> <lb/>καὶ <name type=“person”>Σπεύσιππος</name> καὶ <name type=“person”>Μενέδημος</name>; <lb/>πρὸς τίσι νυνὶ διατρίβουσιν; (NB incorrect markup?)

πολλοὶ μὲν μέμνηνται τῶν κωμῳδιοποιῶν ἀτὰρ καὶ <name type=“person”>Φερεκράτης</name> ἐν <rs type=“nomorph”>Κραπατάλλοις</rs> (implicit identification by occupation + name of work)

ὡς καὶ <name type=“person”>Πλάτων</name> <pb xml:id=“v.1.p.332”/> ὁ κωμῳδιοποιός φησιν ἐν <name type=“person”>Κλεοφῶντι</name> (person name = name of work)

τοῦ παρὰ <name type=“person”>Δαμοξένῳ</name> τῷ κωμῳδιοποιῷ μαγείρου, ὅς ἐν <name type=“noclass”>Συντρόφοις</name> φησιν (person referred to by occupation + name of work = noclass)

<name type=“person”>Ἄλεξις</name> μὲν οὖν αὐτὸν ἐν <rs type=“nomorph”>Δορκίδι</rs> ἢ Ποππυζούσῃ φίλιχθυν εἶναι κοινῶς παραδίδωσι καθάπερ καὶ ἄλλοι τῶν κωμῳδιοποιῶν, λέγων οὕτως: (implicit identification of Alexis as a comediographer; name of work + an unmarked name of work)

καὶ <name type=“person”>Κρώβυλος</name> ὁ κωμῳδιοποιὸς αἰσχυνόμενον εἶπε τὸ τοιοῦτο ἧπαρ ὥσπερ καὶ, ἐν <name type=“noclass”>Ψευδυποβολιμαίῳ</name> λέγων οὕτως: (name of author near name of work = noclass)

καὶ <name type=“person”>Θουκυδίδης</name> ἐν ζ᾽ καὶ <name type=“person”>Δημήτριος</name> ὁ κωμῳδιοποιὸς ἐν τῷ ἐπιγραφομένῳ δράματι <name type=“place”>Σικελία</name> διὰ τούτων: (name of work incorrectly marked, i. e. two names at once; NB referring to Thucydides' book by number)

<name type=“person”>Πλάτων</name> δ᾽ ὁ <pb xml:id=“v.2.p.20”/>κωμῳδιοποιὸς ἐν <name type=“person”>Νυκτὶ</name> (name of work incorrectly marked)

καὶ τὸ παρὰ <name type=“person”>Κράτητι</name> τῷ κωμῳδιοποιῷ ἐν <name type=“ethnic”>Σαμίοις</name> (name of work incorrectly marked)

καὶ <name type=“person”>Ἀντιφάνης</name> ὁ κωμῳδιοποιὸς ἐν <name type=“person”>Οἰνομάῳ</name> ἢ <name type=“person”>Πέλοπι</name> διαπαίζων ἔφη: (name of work incorrectly marked)

καὶ ὁ κωμῳδιοποιὸς <name type=“person”>Πλάτων</name> ἐν τῷ <rs type=“nomorph”>Φάωνι</rs> ἐμνήσθη καὶ μὴ τοῦ <name type=“ethnic”>Λευκαδίου</name> Φιλοξένου—τοιαύτην ἐκτίθεται παρασκευὴν δείπνου (NB unidentified personal name)

ὁ δὲ κωμῳδιοποιὸς <name type=“person”>Ποσείδιππος</name> ἐν <name type=“noclass”>Πορνοβοσκῷ</name> φησιν (name of work = noclass)

<quote>ἐγὼ δ᾽ ὁ τάλας</quote> κατὰ τὸν κωμῳδιοποιὸν <name type=“person”>Δίφιλον</name> <quote rend=“blockquote”> <lb/>κεστρεὺς ἂν εἴην ἕνεκα νηστείας ἄκρας.</quote> (? an interesting situation, check in the edition)

φησὶ <name type=“person”>Σώφιλος</name> ὁ κωμῳδιοποιός

<quote>ὦ ἄνδρες κύνες οἱ <gap/>κατὰ τὴν <rs type=“nomorph”>Στράττιδος</rs> τοῦ κωμῳδιοποιοῦ <name type=“person”>Ἰοκάστην</name>, ἥτις ἐν ταῖς ἐπιγραφομέναις <name type=“ethnic”>Φοινίσσαις</name> φησὶν (unidentified name, ethnic name = name of work)

<name type=“person”>Φρύνιχος</name> ὁ κωμῳδιοποιὸς ἐν τῷ <name type=“person”>Ἐφιάλτῃ</name> μνημονεύει (name of a person = name of work)

<name type=“person”>Κρίτων</name> δ᾽ ὁ κωμῳδιοποιὸς ἐν <name type=“noclass”>Φιλοπράγμονι</name> παρασίτους τοῦ θεοῦ καλεῖ τοὺς <name type=“ethnic”>Δηλίους</name> (name of work = noclass, a joking parasites' name “incorrectly” identified)

<name type=“person”>Τιμοκλῆς</name> ὁ κωμῳδιοποιὸς κατὰ πολλὰ χρησίμην εἶναι λέγων τῷ βίῳ τὴν τραγῳδίαν φησὶν ἐν Διονυσιαζούσαις (name of a comedy unmarked)

<name type=“person”>Ἀριστοφάνης</name> <milestone unit=“casaubonpage” xml:id=“casaubonpage-229e” n=“229e”/>δὲ ὁ κωμῳδιοποιός, ὅν φησιν <name type=“person”>Ἡλιόδωρος</name> ὁ <name type=“ethnic”>Ἀθηναῖος</name> ἐν τοῖς περὶ ἀκροπόλεωσ—πεντεκαίδεκα δ᾽ ἐστὶ ταῦτα βιβλία <name type=“ethnic”>Ναυκρατίτην</name> εἶναι γένος, ἐν τῷ <name type=“person”>Πλούτῳ</name> δράματι (name of a person = name of work; unidentified name of work “en tois peri akropoleos”)

παρὰ <name type=“person”>Κρωβύλῳ</name> τῷ κωμικῷ

E. referring to unnamed works / parts of works

τὰ <name type=“person”>Πινδάρου</name>

XPaths for interesting situations

 //quote/quote (1028 results)
 //quote/quote/quote (157 results)
 //quote/quote/quote/quote (2 results)
 //name[@type[. eq "noclass"]] (2263 results)

Where to put the comments / argumentation

Is there space for comments / interpretations in Philologist? Is there space for discussion?

Athenaeus' edition could use a documented systematisation of name types


  • person = 12424
  • place = 2305
  • noclass
  • ethnic = 3548
  • group = 681
  • title = 206
  • month = 8
  • festival = 20
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