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 History Department

Central European University Budapest


Institute of Croatian History

History Department-Faculty of Philosophy

Zagreb University

in co-operation with

Department for Southeast European History

Graz University


The third international conference of the research project

Triplex Confinium”

Eco-history of the Triplex Confinium (c. 1500-1800)

Zadar (Croatia), May 3-7, 2000




 The conference will discuss topics in eco-history of the triple border (the Triplex Confinium) between the Habsburg Monarchy, Venetian Republic and the Ottoman Empire (c. 1500-1800) with an emphasis on interdisciplinary and comparative approaches and methods. As far as interdisciplinary aspects are concerned, preference will be given to applications bringing together eco-historical and historical-anthropological approaches as well as those grounded on new archival, library and fieldwork researches. The invitation is open to researchers, as well as postgraduate students and doctoral candidates, in social sciences and humanities.  


Papers will include the following topics and areas of study:

- eco-history of the triple border: essential problems

- socio-cultural distinctions regarding the eco-history of the triple border

- differences in the natural environment: Adriatic-Dinaric-Pannonian


- climate, flora and fauna of the early modern Triplex Confinium

- historical demography and eco-history of the triple border: the area of 

  human settlements and terrae desertae

- rural and urban history of the triple border

- fortifications and human settlements

- limits of human existence on the triple border (wars, famines, diseases)

- perceptions of the triple border environment in the oral and written 

  heritage (i.e. epics, travelogues, reports, etc.)

- visual perceptions of the triple border from Renaissance to Early


- problems of eco-historical multilingual terminology of the triple border



Professor Drago Roksandić

CEU, History Department, Nador utca 9, H-1051 Budapest; Fax: +36-1-327-3191

E-mail addresses: roksandi@ceu.hu and drago.roksandic@zg.tel.hr


Conference was sponsored by the
 European Cultural Foundation from Amsterdam

and the

Central European University Budapest



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