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1.  First International Conference


Title'Triplex Confinium' after the Vienna War 

         (1683-1699): Problems of Micro-historical 



Place: Central European University Conference Centre, 

           Budapest (Hungary)

Time:  21-22. 03. 1997.



Click here - Budapest conference pictures are behind the wall :)




2.  Second International Conference


Title: Plan and Practice: How to Construct a Border Society?

         The Triplex Confinium c. 1700-1750.


Place: Abteilung für Südosteuropäische Geschichte, 

           Universität Graz, Graz (Austria)

Time:  09-12. 12. 1998.




3.  Third International Conference


Title: Eco-history of the Triplex Confinium 

         (c. 1500-1800).


Place: Faculty of Philosophy, University of Zadar, 

           Zadar (Croatia)

Time: 03-07. 05. 2000.





Zadar conference in pictures - click here !

4.  First International Conference of the Sub-Project 

     "Drava Valley Multiple Borderlands"


Title: Ethno-confessional Changes in the Križevci County

          and the Varaždin Generalate in the Early

          Modern Period (c. 1450-1750).


Place: Town City Hall, Križevci (Croatia)

Time: 26-28. 06. 2002.



Pictures from the Triplex conference in Krizevci - follow Hrvoje!

5.  Second International Conference of the Sub-Project

    "Drava Valley Multiple Borderlands"


Title: Ekohistorija Podravskog višegraničja:  

         cca 15. stoljeće - 1918. godina /

         Eco-history of Drava Valley Multiple 

         Borderlands: c. 15th century -1918)


Place: Town City Hall, Koprivnica (Croatia)

Time: 13-15. 11. 2003.





6.  Fourth International Conference


Title: Tolerance and Intolerance on the Triplex Confinium

         (XV-XIX Cent.). Religions, Cultures, Societies and

         Political Structures of the 'Other'


Place: Dipartimento di Storia, 

           Università degli Studi di Padova (Italy)

Time:  25-27. 03. 2004.




7. Third International Conference of the Sub-Project

    "Drava Valley Multiple Borderlands"


Title: Kroatien 1755: gesellschaftliche und 

         wirtschaftliche Veränderungen zwischen 

         legalen Praxen und Gewalt / Croatia in 1755: 

         Social and Economic Changes between 

         Legal Practices and Violence


Place: Križevci, Veliki Raven, Koprivnica (Croatia)

Time: 16-17. 12. 2005.





8.  First International Conference of the 

     Centre for Comparative Historical 

     and Intercultural Studies


Title: "Mémoire et histoire en Europe centrale et orientale"


Place:  Goethe-Institut, Zagreb (Croatia)

Time:  19.-22. 01 2006.  






Author: Dr. sc. Mirela Slukan Altić


1. Title: Kartografski izvori za povijest Triplex Confiniuma  


Place:  Croatian State Archives, Marulićev trg, 

            Zagreb (Croatia)

Time:   29. 10. - 12. 11. 1999.


2. Title: Cartographic Sources for the History of 

             Triplex Confinium


Place:  Central European University, Nador u., 

            Budapest (Hungary)

Time:  20.-27. 03. 2000. 



1Scientific Colloquium


Title: Kartografski izvori za povijest Triplex Confiniuma

         (Cartographic Sources for the History of Triplex



Place: Croatian State Archives, Zagreb (Croatia)

Time: 29. 10. 1999.




2.  Scientific Colloquium of the 

     Centre for Comparative Historical Studies


Title: "Kraljevstvo Slavena" Mavra Orbinija 

         - reprodukcijski okviri i recepcijski horizonti u

         četiristoljetnom trajanju ("Kingdom of the Slavs" 

         of Mavro Orbini - Reproduction Frames and 

         Reception Horizons in Four Centuries)


Place: Vijećnica, Faculty of Philosophy, Zagreb (Croatia)

Time: 05. 11. 2001.




3.  Scientific Colloquium of the 

     Centre for Comparative Historical Studies


Title: Komparativne metode u društvenim i 

         humanističkim znanostima danas

         (Comparative Methods in Social and 

         Humanist Sciences Today)


Place:  A-001, History Department, Faculty of Philosphy, 

            Zagreb (Croatia)

Time:  28. 05. 2002.




4.  Scientific Colloquium


Title: Postoji li "hrvatski prag"? 

         (Is there a "Croatian threshold"?).

          Motivated by the publication of the Croatian 

         edition of André Blanc, 'Western Croatia. 

         A Study in Human Geography' 

         (Paris 1957, Zagreb 2003)


Place: Goethe-institut, Zagreb (Croatia)

Time: 26. 02. 2004.




Round Table Discussion


Title: Ekohistorija danas (Eco-history Today)


Place: Faculty of Philosophy, Zagreb (Croatia)

Time: 13. 04. 2000.




Seminar for History Teachers


Title: Ekohistorija i zavičajna povijest 

         (Eco-History and Local History)


Place: Hotel "Korana", Karlovac (Croatia); 

           excursion through western Croatia

Time: 26-28. 08. 2004.




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