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1. Third International Conference


Title:   Eco-history of the Triplex Confinium (c. 1500-1800).


Place: Faculty of Philosophy, University of Zadar, Zadar (Croatia)

Time: 03-07. 05. 2000.


  P R O G R A M


Wednesday, May 3, 2000


12.00 Departure from Zagreb by bus


Excursion: two hours at the Plitvice Lakes


19.00 Arrival to Zadar (Hotel “Kolovare”)


21.00 Official Opening of the Conference & Reception


Pavao Mikić, Prof. Dr., Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Letters in Zadar.

Welcome Address.


Drago Roksandić, Prof. Dr.

Introductory Speech on Major Objectives of the Zadar Conference.



Thursday, May 4, 2000


9.00   First Session:


Zrinka Blažević, B.A. “Miserrima facies Croatiae:” Perception of the Natural Environment of the Triple Border in the Poem “Plorantis Croatiae seculae duo” by Pavao Ritter Vitezović


Larry Wolff, Prof. Dr. Chestnut Trees and Enlightened Ecology in Venetian Dalmatia: Alberto Fortis before the Economic Society of Split.


Eva Faber, Dr. Perceptions of Nature in the Military Border based on German Descriptions in the Early Modern Period


Željko Holjevac, B.A. People and Water on the Triplex Confinium: Environmental Observations by Vukasović and Hacquet in Lika and Krbava in the Second Half of the 18th Century


Stefan Halikowski Smith, M.A. The Discovery of the Plitvice Lakes


10.15 Break



10.30 First Session: Continuation


Snježana Šušnjara, M.A. Bosnian Franciscan Sources on Natural Disasters in the 18th Century


Damir Magaš, Prof. Dr. Geographic Determinants in the Conception of Matea Pagano’s Map “Tvto el Cótado. di. -Zara et Sebenicho-“ (Venice, c. 1530)


Josip Faričić, B.A. The Triplex Confinium on Mercator’s Map From the End of the 16th Century


Dubravka Mlinarić, M.A. A Comparative Analysis of the Toponyms of the Triplex Confinium in the Literature and Cartographic Sources of the Early Modern Period


11.45 Break

12.00 Discussion

13.00 Lunch Break


15.00 Visit to the Zadar Archives hosted by the Director Prof. Marko Ražov



16.30 Second Session:


Marko Šarić, B.A. The Turkish Wars and the Changing Realities of the Lika & Krbava Ecosystem (15th-16th Centuries)


Željka Šiljković, Ass. Prof. Dr. Anthropo-geographic Analysis of Migrations in the Triplex Confinium Area with an Emphasis on the Lika Region from the 16th until the 18th Century


Snježana Buzov, M.A. Environmental Aspects of Demographic Changes in the Triplex Confinium Area in the 16th Century Related to the Ottoman Expansion


Ramiza Smajić-Ibrahimović, M.A. Demographic and Environmental Issues in the Sources of Ottoman Provenance 


Nenad Moačanin, Prof. Dr. Using the Ottoman Version of a Text on Border Delimitation with the Austrian Empire from 1792/95 for Eco-historical Purposes


17.45 Discussion

18.45 End of the Second Session


Evening Walk Around Zadar guided by

Prof. Dr. Pavao Vežić, art historian (optional)

Evening free



Friday, May 5, 2000


8.00   Field Trip


Route: Zadar - Benkovac - Drniš - Mirilović - Drniš - Knin (Triplex Confinium) - Obrovac - Starigrad - Zadar



Third Session (Franciscan Monastery Visovac):


Samuel Willcocks, B.A. The Turkish Administration of Silver Mines in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries. Were the Christian Powers Attempting to Reclaim their Right to Mine Silver in the Triplex Confinium?


Šime Pilić, Prof. Dr. A Social Eco-history of Localities Along the Krka River (c. 1500-1800) in Contemporary Travelogues. (Paper will be submitted in advance)


Jelka Vince-Pallua, M.A. Eco-history of the Morlachian Way of Life in the Second Half of the 18h Century and the First Half of the 19th Century  


Elisabetta Novello, Dr. Venetian Reclamation Works in the Dalmatian Borderlands in the 18th Century


Ivan Jurišić, Dr. Food and Beverages in the Karlovac Generalate in the 18th Century


Lunch Break

Return to Zadar in the early evening & dinner in the hotel “Kolovare”



Saturday, May 6, 2000


9.00   Fourth Session:


Borna Fürst-Bjeliš, Assis. Prof. Dr. - Giovanni D’Alessio, M.A. - Olga Diklić, B.A. The Venetian Cadastre in Dalmatia and the Eco-historical Evaluation of the Triplex Confinium in the 18th Century.


Mirela Slukan, Dr. Comparative Analysis of Rural Settlements in Venetian and Habsburgs Krajinas


Anna-Maria Grünfelder, Dr. Senj’s Natural Resources and Habsburg-Venetian Conflicts of Economic Interests (16th-18th Centuries)


Nataša Štefanec, M.A. The Wood Trade in the Triplex Confinium or How to Procure Cash from the Senj Woodlands (c. 1600-1630)?


Karl Kaser, Prof. Dr. An Ecological Catastrophe in the Habsburg Maritime Military Borderlands: the Demographic, Economic and Social Roots of the Karst (First Half of the 18th Century)


10.15 Discussion

11.00 Break



11.15 Fourth Session: Continuation


Ivan Mimica, Prof. Dr. Environmental Motives in Early Modern Southern Croatian Oral Epics

(Paper will be submitted in advance)


Živko Bjelanović, Prof. Dr. The Anthroponomy of the Triple Border Area as Inspired by the Natural Environment in the 17th and  18th Centuries (Paper will be submitted in advance)


Pamela Ballinger, Prof. Dr. The Ruins of the Past: Symbolic Boundary Construction in the Triplex Confinium


Valentina Gulin-Zrnić, M.A. People and Multiple Natures


Sanja Lazanin, B.A. The “Natural History” of the Triplex Confinium Area in the Works of B. Hacquet


Tamás Faragó, Prof. Dr. Croatian and Serbian Settlers in the Hungarian Kingdom Between the Sixteenth and Eighteenth Century. (Lessons of Half a Century of Research)


Hrvoje Petrić, B.A. Environmental Micro-History of a Multiple Borderland: Podravina’s Torčec in the Second Half of the 18th Century


Attila Furstand, M.A. A Comparative Analysis of Landscape Protection in Western Hungary with an Emphasis on Land-use and Rural Settlement Structure


12.45 Discussion

13.30 Lunch Break

15.00 Departure for Ugljan

19.30 Return to Zadar

20.30 Dinner in the Old City


Sunday, May 7, 2000


7.00   Departure for Bihać


9.30   Arrival to Bihać & Closing session in Bihać


Arrival to Zagreb around 15.00


Conference was sponsored by the
 European Cultural Foundation from Amsterdam

and the

Central European University Budapest


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