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Adrian Papajani




Initial training of history and geography teachers in Albania is realized in 4 Universities only, within a period of 4 years. Those are : Universities of Tirana, Elbasani, Shkodra and Gjirokastra. In University of Tirana from 1957 till 1982 every student of Faculty of History and Geography was graduated as a teacher of history and geography. Since 1982 in that Faculty exist two separate branches: history and geography ones and students are graduated either history teacher or geography teacher according to the branch that they attend. This is a characteristic for Tirana University only.

According to the Law on Higher Education in Albania (1999), Universities enjoy academic freedom to decide about their own curricula. Ministry of Education and Science approves them only. Though percentage of subjects with reference to history and geography teaching compared with 5 years ago is grown up, there are differences from one University to the other. In Tirana University the subjects with reference to history and geography teaching are studied only in the 4th year. Passive practice (observation in the schools) continues 12 weeks (once a week) and after, a period of 6 weeks of active practice in second term of the 4th year begins.

In Elbasani University passive practice is realized with 2 hours per week during 4 years. In 3rd and 4th ones students realized respectively 2 and 4 weeks active practice. Mentor and tutor guide the students during practical training.

In -service training of history and geography teachers is compulsory. It is organized by School Department at the Institute of Pedagogical Studies and Local Education Directories in Districts. Inspectors of history and geography in districts are responsible for in -service training of history and geography teachers. Their work is organized based on concrete conditions and teachers’ needs in the District according to programs sent by School Department of Institute. Training activities are organized during school holidays in January, April and August.

According to teachers training system, history and geography teachers must pass examinations in the 6th, 11th and 21st year of their service to get first, second and third degree of qualification. This is accompanied with an increase of their salaries. In -service training of local inspectors is organized by School Department.