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Documents concerning educational policy you may find on the web-site of the South East European Educational Cooperation Network (SEE ECN):

2002-07-28 Announcement: Scholarship Programme for the Development of Teaching Materials and Curricula in History as a School Subject in Serbia, Montenegro, and Kosovo

History and History Teaching Project in South East Europe

Childhood in South East Europe: Historical Perspectives an Growing Up in the 19th and 20th Centrury [Djetinjstvo u Jugoistocnoj Europi: povijesne perspektive odrastanja u 19. i 20. stoljecu], Slobodan Naumovic i Miroslav Jovanovic (editors), pp. 301, Belgrade-Graz (2001)
Childhood in the Past. 19th and 20th century. Additional Teaching Materijals [Djetinjstvo u prošlosti. 19. i 20. stoljece - Dodatni materijali za nastavu], Milan Ristovic, Dubravka Stojanovic (editors), Association for Social History, pp. 100, Belgrade 2001.

Stipendienprogramm für die Entwicklung von Curricula und Unterrichtsmaterialien (Fach Geschichte) in der Bundesrepublik Jugoslawien

Scholarship programme for the development of teaching materials and curricula (in history as a school subject) in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia