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Documents concerning educational policy you may find on the web-site of the South East European Educational Cooperation Network (SEE ECN):

2001-12-02 Teaching history of Southeastern Europe (English, hrvatski)

Childhood in South East Europe: Historical Perspectives an Growing Up in the 19th and 20th Centrury [Djetinjstvo u Jugoistocnoj Europi: povijesne perspektive odrastanja u 19. i 20. stoljecu], Slobodan Naumovic i Miroslav Jovanovic (editors), pp. 301, Belgrade-Graz (2001)
Childhood in the Past. 19th and 20th century. Additional Teaching Materijals [Djetinjstvo u prošlosti. 19. i 20. stoljece - Dodatni materijali za nastavu], Milan Ristovic, Dubravka Stojanovic (editors), Association for Social History, pp. 100, Belgrade 2001.

South-Eastern European Joint History Project; Workshop II: Teaching Cyprus - in search of tolerance and understanding; Pyla, Cyprus, 28-29 February, 2000