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UZRT 2012 Conference

Empirical Research in English Applied Linguistics


1. Cafeteria Filozofija

                Location:                  at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (conference venue)

                Working hours:         Fri 8.00-18.00, Sat/Sun - closed

This is the place to go either to grab a quick bite and have a coffee break, or to enjoy a complete meal and choose from one of the three daily offered menus (one of which is always vegetarian-friendly). It is an ideal solution if you are short on time, due to its convenient location, and another plus are user-friendly prices and generous portions. You can expect to enjoy a complete meal for approximately 30 kn.


2. Pedro pite



Pedro pite is a charming little restaurant with very reasonable prices. It is only two minutes of light walking from the Faculty. You can come here to enjoy a hot soup, all kinds of excellent pies (7-8 kn a piece) and a wide assortment of salads (38 kn), as well as a regular warm meal and desserts (10-15 kn).


Location:              IV. Vrbik 3

Working hours:     Fri 07.00-21.00

                                Sat 08.00-21.00

                                Sun – closed



3. Pri zvoncu



This is a place that offers high quality food and peaceful, relaxing scenery. If you chose to visit this small family restaurant, you will find yourself enjoying your hot meal amidst the greenery in fresh air. Pri zvoncu is a paradise for any gourmand, especially for all the meat lovers, because this is the place where meat is prepared in almost every way imaginable. You can order anything from veal roast, beef steak or grilled meat, to ordinary hamburgers and kebabs and down it all with a glass of good wine.


Location:             Vrbik 12

Working hours:    Fri 08.00-23.00

                               Sat 08.00-23.00

                               Sun – closed




4. Lobby Food&Mood Restaurant



This is a place to go if you feel like enjoying a more sophisticated ambient and gastronomically satisfying food, as well as having a drink or two. However, you should be warned that this exquisiteness is reflected in the prices.



Location:                    Ivana Lučića 2a

Working hours:           Fri 07.30-20.00

                                     Sat 08.00-16.00

                                     Sun – closed





5. Pizza&Pasta Luca’s








This restaurant offers pizzas in the price range of 38-52 kn, an assortment of salads, pasta etc. This is a place to go if you do not have time for a full course lunch, and if you feel like eating some comfort food that will keep you going throughout the afternoon.


Location:                  Grada Vukovara 35a

Working hours:            Fri, Sat, Sun 10.00-22.00






6. Laganini Restaurant








This is an Istrian restaurant that offers a truly wide assortment of specialties from Istrian gastronomy, including cheese and prosciutto as cold appetizers, sea food, pasta in venison or truffle sauce, risotto, meat etc. Laganini is a bit pricey, but its supreme Istrian cuisine offers a gastronomical experience that should not be simply overlooked.


Location:             Vrbik 10

Working hours:       Fri, Sat 11.00-23.00

                                Sun 11.00-21.00





7. Sladomazo pancake place











And last but not least – an excellent pancake place where you can choose between more than 30 kinds of pancake fillings, be it ordinary chocolate, fruit, mushroom, vegetables, mexican, meat or any other imaginable type of filling. Price range is 15 - 30 kn, depending on the filling. This is a great place to go to in order to reward yourself with some comfort food and enjoy in the fact that this place probably offers every type of filling that you could ever think of :) They also offer sandwiches, omellettes etc.


Location:             Zelinska 7

Working hours:       Fri 10.00-22.00

                               Sat, Sun - closed