CroALa - a collection of words through a set of lists

A talk at the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Neo-Latin Studies (LBI), Innsbruck, Austria, 11 Sept 2012.

Introduction: Croatian and Tyrolean neo-Latin

Illustration of men from Tyrol

A digital collection of neo-Latin texts

CroALa in the typology of digital Latin collections

Projects similar to CroALa — expose the fulltext side:

Searching for Alps (and alps) in CroALa

CroALa and lists: a flock of blind chickens


what can a digital collection of neo-Latin texts offer somebody who is interested in neo-Latin contribution to politics, religion, mentalities?

First of all, it offers you the challenge: try to formulate what you're researching in strings of characters that can be sent to a computer. This is a significant challenge, but one that can lead — experto credite — to a clearer vision, sometimes even to reinterpretation of your research.

Second, the existing collection of Croatian Latin texts provides a place to test the conclusions reached elsewhere: are they applicable to Croatian Latin?

Third, we can share the system and knowledge so you can build your own collection (it can be a “collection” of a single author, even of a single text). Why is it important? Because if there were more collections built according to the same specifications, comparisons and tests would be much easier. And the results richer.

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