Triplex Confinium: A Brief History


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The international research project “Triplex Confinium” was established in 1996 as the result of cooperation of scientists, postgraduate students and doctoral candidates from Zagreb, Graz and Budapest. Namely, the Project was launched as the joint venture of the Institute of Croatian History (History Department, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Zagreb, Croatia), Abteilung für Südosteuropäische Geschichte (Universität Graz, Austria) and the Institute on Southeastern Europe (Central European University Budapest, Hungary). The Project was initiated by Prof. Dr. Sc. Drago Roksandić and Prof. Dr. Sc. Karl Kaser. 


In 2004, the IRP "Triplex Confinium" institutionalized the cooperation with the Dipartimento di Storia, Università di Padova through the "Interreg IIIA". 

From 2005, the Project also collaborates with Japanese historians.  More >>>>


The triplex confinium or triple border, denotes a common border region between the Ottoman Empire, the Habsburg Monarchy and the Venetian Republic since the early 16th until the 18th centuries. Today it is a territory belonging to Republics of Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The meeting point between the three empires was for a first time exactly determined by the delimitation committee following the delineation of borders at the peace negotiations of Srijemski Karlovci in 1699. The very point where empires met was Medveđak (today Medveđa Glavica-Bear’s Peak), at the top of Debelo Brdo (Fat Hill), northeast of Knin.


Where exactly is the Triplex Confinium?

            What exactly is the Triplex Confinium?


                          It is a point in space 


                                                             somewhere there      


      and it is much more ....




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