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Project Director: Prof. Dr. Sc. Drago Roksandić

Academic Co-ordinator: Dr. Sc. Nataša Štefanec

Project Secretary: Mr. Sc. Marko Šarić


Sub-project Co-ordinators:

Mr. Sc. Tea Mayhew: Kula Jankovića / Janković Tower

Mr. Sc. Hrvoje Petrić: Podravska Višegraničja / Drava Valley Multiple Borderland

Mr. Sc. Marko Šarić: Titius (Krka Valley)

Dr. Sc. Nataša Štefanec: Banovac (Banovina Region)

Dr. Sc. Zrinka Blažević: Centre for Comparative Historical and

                                             Intercultural Studies


From 2002, the Project is registered at the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports of the Republic of Croatia under the name Triplex Confinium: Croatian Multiple Borderlands in Euro-mediterranean Context (No. 0130823). The Project is currently based at the Institute of Croatian History, History Department, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Zagreb.

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