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Magdalena Najbar-Agicic

THE IMAGE OF THE “OTHER” NEIGHBOUR IN THE SCHOOL TEXTBOOKS OF THE BALKAN COUNTRIES, ed. Panos D. Xochellis, Fontini I. Toloudi, Athens, Thipothito, George Dardanos, 2001, pp. 348.

From 16th to 18th of October 1998th the International Conference under the title The Image of the Otherin the School Textbooks of the Balkan Countries took place in Thessaloniki, Greece. The conference was organized by the Research Center for Textbooks and Intercultural Studies of the Aristotele University of Thessaloniki, Georg Eckert Institute for International textbook Research from Braunschweig, the UNESCO Center for Women and Peace in the Balkans, The Balkan Society for Pedagogy and Education and the Goethe Institute of Thessaloniki. One of the important research objectives in the textbook analyses generally speaking, as well as in the case of this conference is the identification of and attempt to neutralize prejudices between people and social groups and minorities which are created or transmitted to pupils by their school textbooks. Recently the proceedings of that conference have been published in English version (the same has been published in Greek language a year before). The volume includes twenty-three papers written by scholars from all over the Balkans and from Western European countries.

The content of the book is:

1.Panos Xochellis (Greece), Introduction to the subject matter of the conference

2. Panos Xochellis, Achilleas Kapsalis, Adelais Ismyrliadou, Despina Loukidou, Kyriakos Bonides, Sofronis Hatzisavvides (Greece), The image of the “other” in language textbooks in Balkan schools

3. Panos Xochellis, Achilleas Kapsalis, Andreas Andreou, Adelais Ismyrliadou, Despina Loukidou, Kyriakos Bonides, Sofronis Hatzisavvides (Greece), The image of the “other” in the school history textbooks of the Balkan countries

4. Sofia Vouri (Greece), Antyquity as source of national documentation in Balkan history textbooks (1991-1996)

5. Janez Justin (Slovenia), Explicit and implicit messages in European textbooks of history

6. Dubravka Stojanovic (Yugoslavia), The image of the “other”. The naighbour in Serbian history textbooks

7. Jure Kristo (Croatia), The image of the “other” naighbour in Croatian history textbooks for highschools

8. Kay Lisengard (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Bosnia and Herzegovina 1998- the view of the next door neighbour

9. Dalibor Janovski (FYROM), The history of the Balkan nations presented in the school textbooks of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

10. Albana Lama (Albania), The Balkan neighbours in the school textbooks of history and geography in the Albanian secondary schools of general education

11. Damir Agicic (Croatia), The image of the people of South-Eastern Europe in the Croatian history textbooks for the primary school

12. Yugoslav Minoski (FYROM), The historical personalities of the neighbours in the elementary and secondary education history textbooks of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

13. Zoran Avramovic (Yugoslavia), The Serbs and Croats in Serbian history textbooks for the 8th grade - comparative analysis

14. Agin Sinami, Mimoza Gjokutaj (Albania), The reflection of intercultural relation and integration in the contents of the curricula in Alabanian school system

15. Falk Pingel (Germany), National history andEuropean history

16. Sneyhana Dimitrova (Bulgaria), The <<external political “other”>> and the image of Europe articulated by the post 1917 obligatory textbooks in Modern Bulgarian History

17. Laura Capita, Carol Capita (Romania), Dimensions of European history in Romanian history textbooks

18. Konstantinos Angelopoulos (Greece), Proclaiming Greek national identity through dialectic in school textbooks of Greek secondary education system from 1950 until the present day

19. Muskafa Cikar (Turkey),”Presentations” of political communities in the Turkish school textbooks of the democratic period

20. Salih Özbaran (Turkey), The image of the “other” in history textbooks: Turkish case

21. Loris Koullapis (Greece), The image of the Bulgarians and the Turks in the history textbooks of the primary education between 1950-1990

22. Efthalia Konstantinidou (Greece), Changes in the Greek history schoolbooks: How effective are they in “improving” the image the national other?

23. Alexandra Ioannidou (Greece), Literature against nationalism in school textbooks: the image of the Turks in Greek writers