Hieronymus is dedicated to publishing quality empirical research on translation and terminology. Contributions by early career researchers are particularly encouraged. Small-scale, exploratory or pilot studies are welcome, on condition they use rigorous, clearly described methodology and that the limitations of the study are clearly stated.

In addition to the main section of the journal featuring research articles, Hieronymus has a section dedicated to professional articles, essays, position papers, translation criticism and similar contributions. The journal website also introduces local scholars by publishing a list of recently defended Ph.D. theses in the fields of translation studies and terminology.

In all the sections of the journal, preference is given to contributors from Croatia and the broader region, in line with the journal’s mission.

The preferred languages are English and Croatian, but articles in other European languages are also accepted. In the latter case, please contact the editorial board before submitting the article.

For other information on citation style and formatting, please consult our Submission Guidelines. An electronic template with Hieronymus styles is available in this file.