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The Janković Castle is situated in Islam Grčki close to where both villages join. It is an exceptional and rare example of the combined fortification/residence complex built in medieval times.

The complex has a rectangular form, approx. 80 by 60 m, enclosed partly by buildings (residential, warehouses, stables, etc.) partially by high walls. The main residential building and tower divide the inner space into two courts. Outside the walls, but belonging to the complex, there is a medieval, Romanesque church. Underneath the main tower there is a dungeon and a secret room with a hidden entrance.

The complex is located on a hillside, surrounded by a beautiful park of rare vegetation and trees hundreds of years old. It has its own spring of fresh water and fishpond.

There is high quality documentation about the architecture of the complex and its setting. It was done by photogrammetric method (a modern technical method of geodesy) carried out by the Institute for the preservation of monuments from Zadar in 1988.


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