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The Mostovi Programme has been created as a synergy of interdisciplinary research and the application of its results to the local conditions of the Upper Ravni Kotari region. Therefore the activities are focused on two connected levels:

Our first goal is to research the potential of the traditional way of living as well as contemporaneous needs and aspirations of local people. In this case the Mostovi research team is scientifically oriented as well as a participant in the local processes related to revitalisation.

Besides this the Mostovi Programme contains some inter-related aims which were designed as an institutional framework for practical initiatives in local daily life. This is related to:

a) the Stojan Janković Castle as an integral eco-cultural monument complex (museum together with the arboretum and nursery which have to be revitalised)

b) a Centre for Interculturalism and Sustainable Development

All the initiatives include the collaboration of the people from this region (whether they live in the region or in Zadar, Rijeka, or Zagreb, etc.), local and regional experts, entrepreneurs, the government, scientists and collaborators from all over Croatia and the world, as well as non-governmental organisations. The programme is based on the partnership model of financing and team recruiting and therefore remains open for any further collaboration.

The project has been initiated by the University of Zagreb and its results will also be available for educational purposes and any further scientific and media dissemination.

Therefore our activities are run into three main directions: preservation and promotion of the cultural heritage, scientific research and education.


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