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Organising education for students (as study trips) is a part of the research and evaluation of cultural-historical heritage. The purpose of this action is to provide field work for students and introduce them to the use of cultural-historical heritage for sustainable development.

The first study trips of a group of ethnology students from the University of Zagreb was organised in November 2005 and April 2006. Two of the history students participated in these study trips – field work. The results of this field work will be published in a study about traditional heritage of the area of the villages of Islam Grčki, Islam Latinski and Kašić.

A group of history students carried out the project of Man and the Environment on the Eastern Adriatic. This student's initiative is related to research of maps, cadastre, popular epics about Stojan Jankovic and the Ravni Kotari region.

An international workshop about the Janković Castle and the Upper Ravni Kotari region will be organised in collaboration with University of Padua's History Department, in May/June 2007. The local heritage and development possibilities within the Janković Castle, the results (theoretical and practical) of the research carried out during the project and its practical usage through the Eco-Community Museum, will be discussed there. A workshop will be organised within the regular education programme of MA studies in Inter-culturalism and Cultural Heritage Management at the University of Padua with student participation.

We are also planning to organise a workshop for the teachers of Zadar County to the Janković Castle about including heritage in school education.

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