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Snjezana Koren

The Politics of History Education
ur. Christina Koulouri, Thessaloniki 2002, str. 549

Od 7. travnja 2002. godine u Ateni je odrzana medjunarodna konferencija History Teaching in Southeast Europe - Present and Future. Konferenciju je organizirao Centar za demokraciju i pomirenje u Jugoistocnoj Europi ( i na njoj su predstavljeni rezultati dvogodisnjeg projekta pod nazivom Southeast European Joint History Project. Tijekom konferencije predstavljena je i knjiga Clio in the Balkans u kojoj su objavljeni radovi pripremljeni za sedam radionica koje su bile dio tog projekta.



CHAPTER I: Common Past, Shared History

A. The Multi-ethnic Empires


A Common Regional Past? Portrayals of the Byzantine and Ottoman Heritage from Within and Without by Yasemin Nuhoglu Soysal and Vasilia Lilian Antoniou

Dealing with Ottoman Past in Greek Chronicles by Pinelopi Stathi

‘Tyranny’ and ‘Despotism’ as National and Historical Terms in Greek Historiography by Sia Anagnostopoulou

From Trauma to Self-Reflection: Greek Historiography meets the Young Turks ‘Bizarre’ Revolution by Vangelis Kechriotis

Medieval and Modern Macedonia as Par of a National ‘Grand Narrative’ by Nikola Jordanovski

Multiethnic Empires, National Rivalry and Religion in Bulgarian History Textbooks by Alexei Kalionski and Valery Kolev

Between two Empires by Codruta Matei

Byzantine and Ottoman Studies in Romanian Historiography. A Brief Overview by Bogdan Murgescu


Hungarian Legacy in Southeastern Europe by Mirela-Luminita Murgescu

Hungarians and Hungarian History in Croatian History Textbooks by Snjezana Koren


B. The Former Yugoslavia

Yugoslavia: a Look in the Broken Mirror. Who is the ‘Other’? by Snjezana Koren

Between Euphoria, Sober Realisation and Isolation. ‘Europe’ in the History Textbooks of Former Yugoslavian Countries by Heike Karge

The Second World War and Socialistic Yugoslavia in Slovenian Textbooks by Dragan Potocnik and Jelka Razpotnik

The Yugoslav History in Croatian Textbooks by Magdalena Najbar-Agicic

Yugoslavia in a Broken Mirror. The Serbian Textbooks by Dubravka Stojanovic

The Common Yugoslav History and the Republic of Macedonia by Nikola Jordanovski


CHAPTER II: National and Religious Identities Co-existing of Conflicting?

A. Macedonian Identities

Between the Necessity and the Impossibility of a ‘National History’ by Nikola Jordanovski

Ottoman Macedonia in Bulgarian History Textbooks for Secondary School by Alexei Kalionski

The Macedonian: Romanticism against Realism (According to a Recent Sociological Survey) by Tzvetan Tzvetanski

School Celebrations in Greek Macedonia by Vlassis Vlassidis

The Macedonian Question in Greek History Textbooks by Despina Karakatsani

The Macedonian Question in Serbian Textbooks by Bojan Dimitirijevic

B. Religious Identitites

Religious Education and the View of the ‘Other’ by Mirela-Luminita Murescu

Religious Identities in Turkish Textbooks by Etienne Copeaux

Religious Education in Serbia by Milan Vukomanovic

The Ethnic and Religious Climate in Bulgaria after 1989. Preliminary Notes for Discussion by Alexei Kaliionski

Religion, State and Society in Romanian History Textbooks by Ecaterina Lung

Islamic Religious Education in Bosnia by Smail Balić

Islam in Austrian Schools by Smail Balić

The Treatment of Jewish History in Schools in Central and Eastern Europe by Ivo Goldstein

Religious Identity and Religious Education in Schools by Costa Carras

Perceiving the Religious ‘Other’ in a Cecular Educational Context by Hanna Kassis


CHAPTER III: The Past in the Mirror of the Present

A. Cyprus

Citizenship, History and Memory in Turkish Cypriot Society: Is there Room for Cypriotness? by Nergis Canefe

Otherness in the Turkish Historical Discourse: General Considerations by Etienne Copeaux

The Subject of History in the Greek Cypriot Educational System: A Subset of the Greek Nation by Loris Koullapis

School is a Textbook: Symbolism and Rituals in Turkish Cypriot Schools by Neshe Yashin

Historical Distortions Biasing Books by Ulus Irkad

National Memory and Turkish-Cypriot Textbooks by Niyazi Kizilyurek

B. Albania

Albanian Schoolbooks in the Context of Societal Transformation: Review Notes by Erind Pajo

Albania and Northen Epirus in Greek Civic Schoolbooks since the 1970s by Despina Karakatsani

Albanians and their Neighbours: the Future’s Past by Dubravka Stojanovic


APPENDIX: Educational System and History Teaching

Albania by Valentina Duka

Croatia by Snjezana Koren

Cyprus by Ulus Irkad

Greece by Triantafyllos Petridis and Maria Zografaki

FYR Macedonia by Emilija Simoska

Slovenia by Božo Repe

Turkey by Hayrettin Kaya, Mutlu Ozturk, Dilara Kahyaoglu, Ayse Cetiner and Orhan Silier

Yugoslavia by Dubravka Stojanovic