Zvonko Kovač, Ph. D.

Full professor
Chair for South Slavic languages and literatures comparative history
Chair for Slovene language and literature

Office: B-209
Telephone number: 01/4092-109
E-mail: zkovac@ffzg.hr

Office hours: Wednesday 12:30 – 14

Zvonko Kovač (b. in 1951) went to a general high school in Čakovec, while he finished his undergraduate, magister and doctoral studies at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb. He has held various teaching titles at his home institution, being as well head of South Slavic chairs, co-founder of the South Slavic study programme and head of Department of South Slavic languages and literatures. Currently he holds the position of Chair for South Slavic languages and literatures comparative history. He has spent a part of his scholarly career on research scholarships such as A. von Humboldt, Basileus, etc. His courses both on comparative-South Slavic studies and intercultural literary history are held on a regular basis at the reformed South Slavic undergraduate study programme and at a doctoral study programme based in Zagreb. He gives lectures on modern Slovene literature, contemporary Bosnian literature and South Slavic intercultural literature. He has supervised 5 master theses, 10 doctoral theses and dozens of diploma papers. He has been a guest professor at other universities both home and abroad (lectorship in Göttingen and visiting professor in Rijeka); more recently, he has been co-operating with centres of Slavic studies in Ljubljana, Maribor, Novi Sad, Hamburg, Halle, and Kopar. Since the academic year 2013/14 he has been head of the Department of South Slavic languages and literatures. His research interests encompass South Slavic writers’ ouvers, literary interpretation, essays, literary history methodology, interliterariness and criticism, etc. He has been a scientific project leader and an editor of literary journals such as the Filološke studije, the Kaj, the Kolo, the Poznańskie Studia Slawistyczne, etc. Since he was a student he has published literary criticism and poetry. He is the author of approximately 15 books and dozens of scientific papers or critical articles.