Study programme description


Undergraduate study programme (i.e. bachelor’s degree programme) in South Slavic languages and literatures lasts for six semesters. After completion of a three-year undergraduate study programme in South Slavic languages and literatures, students are conferred the academic title of baccalaurea/baccalaureus of humanities: South Slavic studies (stated along with languages and literatures that were studied in most part).


During their undergraduate study programme students select two modules, two B minors (two South Slavic languages and literatures) that do not exceed the capacity of an A major study programme. All study programmes differ in contents, i.e. students freely combine the two from among four national philologies, with six different and accompanying programmes. Generally speaking, at the undergraduate study level students are expected to master two South Slavic languages, as well as they are introduced to reading and interpretation of most prominent (i.e. belonging to the literary canon) authors and their works of the South Slavic literatures, along with basic knowledge of South Slavic linguistics and literary studies.


At the undergraduate study level, students acquire communication skills in previously selected South Slavic languages, as well as competences in reading, understanding, and analysing literary and non-literary texts in the language they were originally written. Students are also encouraged to master basics of a South Slavic languages and literatures comparative history. By studying selected literatures, students get proficient in their periodization, they gain insight into major literary history phenomena and facts, as well as they get introduced to most important authorial ouvres.

Job market

By completing the undergraduate study programme, students could get an assistant position, working as revisers at the publishing houses or news agencies, or as correspondents, as well as secretaries in private sector, while gaining a right to pursue their studies further, either in terms of study programmes at the graduate level, or in terms of similar studies offered by other universities (at home or abroad).

Master’s degree enrollment requirements

Admission to a Master’s degree programme in South Slavic languages and literatures is open to all students who have completed undergraduate programme in South Slavic languages and literatures, as well as to those students who graduated South Slavic languages and literatures at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in the pre-Bologna system, or to students who have completed any undergraduate programme at other universities in Croatia or abroad, etc. All candidates who submit their application for the enrollment in the South Slavic languages and literatures master’s degree programme must enclose a reference letter from a former professor and be interviewed by a Department Council.

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