The enrollment requirements for a graduate study programme

Apart from the general admission requirements enlisted under t. 3 b) for admission to the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, involving an Application i.e. a letter of motivation (GPA, CV, and bibliography, etc.), there are no specific requirements for enrollment in a South Slavic languages and literatures graduate study programme.

Aside from identical or fairly similar Slavic and South Slavic study programmes that are studied anywhere in the world, the students of which gain direct admission to the graduate study programme, on the basis of diploma supplement and an interview with an applicants, along with a candidate-specific requirements, South Slavic graduate study programme is open for enrollment to the following candidates:

a) to students who have graduated from a BA study programme in Croatian language and literature or Cultural Studies in Croatia,

b) to students who have graduated from any other BA study programmes in philology or humanities in Croatia,

c) to students who have obtained a BA degreee, or graduate students, or any graduates who have completed any MA study programme in philology or humanities in South Slavic countries (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Republic of Macedonia, Slovenia, Serbia).

A special advantage in the selection process will be given to members of national minorities in Croatia, Croatian minorities in the neighbouring countries, and children of Croatian emigrants, provided they have, beside their own mother tongue, a fairly good command of at least one South Slavic language and culture.