Philological Studies

Philological Studies is Slavistics journal in the field of humanities. It is the result of an inter-university cooperation between the Department of Philology at Perm State University, the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Ljubljana, the Institute of Macedonian Literature at Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje, the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Zagreb.

Philological Studies offers a wide range of scientific research in the fields  of philosophy, literature, history, linguistics, through the following rubrics: Philosophy and Cultural Issues; History and Philology; Words in an Historical and Cultural Context (Comparative Aspects); Modern Society in Culture, Language and Literature; Speech, Lingvodidaktika and Reviews. As a journal, it is included, indexed, and archived at an online library of Central and Eastern Europe (CEEOL), the Russian citation index (RINC), and the Croatian Portal for scientific journals Hrčak.

It is published annually in two volumes in five languages ​​(English, Macedonian, Russian, Slovenian, and Croatian) .